Group Exhibition / Floating and Sinking
Yi Yunyi , Leeje, Jong Oh curated by Eunbi Cho
11/6 ~ 12/13, 2015
Gallery Factory

Arko Achive Updated

Artist in Residency
SeMA Nanji Studio, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
_Open Studio 11/20-11/22, 2015
_Nanji Art Show II, Nightseeing

Knife, Spoon, Fork, Jan 13th, 2015, Haagaf Gallery, Haifa, Israel

Artist Film Updated
2014 AYAF Artist Film_Yi Yunyi

Solo Exhibition
A Round Turn and Two Half-Hitches
June 20th to July 27th, 2014, Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea

Watercolor woodblock print, 16x16 inch, 30 limited editions, Artwork by Yi Yunyi, nemonan, 2015