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    Through performance, stop-motion animation, historical archives, storytelling, or scientific research, Screeing uses video mediums to flow into the landscape and challenge human-centered ideology. The 7 films by Akira Ikezoe, Maya Jeffereis, Ayesha Kamal Kahn, Kevin Kelly, Asami Shoji, Yi Yunyi, and Brian Zegeer, show reconciliation and unification with the natural world, distancing themselves from the human desire to categorize and quantify it.

    Going back and forth between micro and macro, past and present, places, the subjects are thrown around by uncontrollable forces that are outside of human intention as if to remind us that we are only a part of a larger universe and aware of the interconnectedness of all things, of conjunctions, of coincidences.

    This screening features the video works of Akira Ikezoe, Maya Jeffereis, Ayesha Kamal Kahn, Kevin Kelly, Asami Shoji, Yi Yunyi, and Brian Zegeer and was selected by Monira resident Nobutaka Aozaki.

    Run time: 1 hour
    Location: Monira Foundation Resident Studio R3, 888 Newark Ave. Jersey City NJ 07306
    Time: 4 – 5 pm
    Date: May 19th

    Coincide with Mana Contemporary Open House
    Monira Foundation

  • Artist's book

    Artist's book

    이윤이, 『 오늘 오름 』, 2023, 아티스트 북, 180x240mm, 60p
    Yi Yunyi, 『 Gravity toward the Island 』, 2023, Artist’s book, 180x240mm, 60p

    <책 정보>
    『오늘 오름 Gravity toward the Island』
    저자/저자명: 이윤이 Yi Yunyi / 구성: 퍼레이드&패치워크 / 디자인: Plate
    판유형: 초판
    책크기: 180x240mm / 페이지수 60p(표지제외)
    가격: 15,000원
    발행일: 2023년 11월 3일

    Purchase link is available here:
    Online: 이후북스, 라바북스
    ​Offline: 이후북스(망원), 이후북스(제주), 어나더 페이지(모슬포), 라바북스(제주), 카고 크루즈(제주)

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  • Critics


    [지연의 윤리학], KIM Hong Ki | Art Critic
    Purchase link is available here: WORKROOM PRESS, 2022-11-29

    including KIM Hong Ki's art critic of Yi Yunyi, 내담과 내담

  • Contributes


    Issue 64:04/65:01 Contemporary Korean Poetry
    ft. Yi Sang & Kim Hyesoon, guest curated by Don Mee Choi

    Purchase link available here: CHICAGO REVIEW

    including Fi Jae Lee & Yi Yunyi, Visual Portfolio

    cover art work by Fi Jae Lee